Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Well Hello September!

It's here! The month that kicks off autumn. I'm so excited, this is my most favourite season - although I do love the uniqueness that each season brings to us. Sadly we are STILL not connected to the Internet so I am having to utilise my local library. We have a broadband engineer coming out to the house on Thursday - let's hope he can sort out our problem!

This weekend I put my first autumn touch in place. Every autumn my front door is flanked with the most beautiful pots of Chrysanthemums. There are so many colours to choose from but I always choose the same colour :). Now I don't have any actual pictures to share with you because - well I'm at a public computer and I feel a bit worried about plugging in a memory stick here and then back into my home computer - viruses and all that. But the 'mums' pictured above are exactly the same colour that I buy and once again have bought. 

Image result for school house images

Lessons started back for us today and I have to say that it is good to be getting back into our familiar routines. Summer holidays are always lovely, but slipping back into the way things run regularly in our home is comforting. The girls sailed through their lessons this morning, everyone was in high spirits and generally the atmosphere was just lovely.

Weekend news: we found a hedgehog out and about in our garden yesterday. We were not terribly happy to see him - you see if you see a hedgehog is out and about during the day it usually means that they are not very well. Sadly our reservations turned out to be well founded. This poor little fellow was indeed poorly and died a few hours after we found him. We had to dig a deep hole in the garden and bury him :(

Anyhoo - I'm going to love and leave you for today. I have lots to share but really want to show you pictures too - I have a feeling I can access WIFI here at the library which means I can bring my own computer with me next time and not worry about viruses etc. So - have a lovely Tuesday all and happy meteorological autumn!

Monday, August 31, 2015

September Seasonal Plans

I mentioned in my last post that I had been doing a bit of seasonal planning for September and that I would post my plans. Well here they are. These I put together on a Word document and then printed out so that I have them on hand every day - lots of lovely plans but I don't want to forget them which I am apt to do if they are left on my computer :)

Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness.
This month marks the end of summer and the beginning of autumn. Towards the end of the month the leaves of deciduous trees begin to change colour. Children go back to school, and life returns to humdrum normality. For the farming community this is the climax of the grain harvest, a time of hard work followed by the celebrations of Harvest.

Full moon this month - Harvest or Corn moon (closest to equinox)
Saying: If St Michael brings many acorns, Christmas will cover the fields with snow
Country lore predicts a hard winter if spiders are plentiful in September.
Gem: Sapphire
Flower: Aster
Conkers - a traditional game played by children with the fruit of the horse-chestnut tree (Eng. Trad.)

Hedgerows full of ripe blackberries
Apple Season – go pick apples and process at home
Start of misty mornings
Autumn Equinox (23)
Shortening days
Smell of wood smoke in the air
Birds migrating
Leaves changing colour
Busy squirrels
Harvest time
Rutting deer
Creepy Crawlies are on the move!
Snails are laying eggs this month. See garden notes

Garden Jobs This Month
Dig over veggie beds and compost
Plan and plant out spring bulbs (not tulips yet, that’s for October)
Sow lamb’s lettuce and spinach for winter harvesting by no later than mid-Sept.
Put out a few boards for snails to lay their eggs on – dispose of eggs later on
Buy a few Hellebores (Christmas and Lenten Rose) and plant out.

Sort out clothing cupboards, donate clothes that no longer fit
Make a list of winter clothing needs
Add Autumn touches to decorate home mid-September
Have boiler and central heating system serviced
Preserve garden harvest
Deep clean kitchen cupboards ready for winter pantry stockpile

Apple and Blackberry pies
Homemade soups
Cook and bake with apples – Landlove 2013 pg 43 (traybake apple buns, apple puffs, apple sauce, apple fritters with icing sugar, apple and potato puffs) See Pinterest board too.
One-pot wonders – Landlove 2013 pg 50 and Pinterest crockpot ideas
Rosehip Jam

Blackberry picking – Countryside Nature Walk
Rosehip picking – Countryside Nature Walk – make rosehip jam
Apple and Sunflower picking – Visit a Pick-Your-Own farm

Holy Rood (cross) day (14) - traditionally children let off school to gather nuts
Michaelmas Day (29)

In the Schoolroom

                                                  Read Aloud:                                                 
Nature Topics:  House Sparrow, Seasonal Tree Study Begins, Chestnut, Leaves in Autumn, Insects
Field Trips: Apple Orchard, Autumn Colour Woodland (late Sept), (check out NT events in our area)
Schoolroom Display: Seasonal book basket, Autumn displays, World Affairs Board,
 Art Appreciation:        
Poetry:  We are going to focus on autumnal poetry over the next two months. Add to nature journals and enjoy reading together. 
Arts, Craft and Nature Activities
Leaf covered candle’s/holders to mark the start of Autumn
Make a nature’s bounty mobile for the schoolroom. See Landlove 2014 page 80
Start an Autumn Leaf collection – identify the tree and label.
Weave a basket from gathered materials
Michaelmas craft off Pinterest
Build a Bug Hotel for the insects to overwinter in
Explore an autumn forest/woodland

Seasonal Decorating Ideas
Nature-Walk Wreath
Jars of leaves and seeds (Fill glass jars with fall leaves and seeds to display)
Autumn leaf Garlands
Sew up some fabric corncobs
Mums at the front door
Cross Stitch Autumn cushions for decoration
Collect Conkers and display
Autumnal wreath on the front door.

Check out some of the autumnal display ideas from the Landlove Mags.

That's it from me today friends. See you back here very soon.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

New Home :)

Well here we are - safely moved into our new home in Devon. The move has gone well, we were out of every box after two days. The only thing left is to hang pictures. The one thing that has NOT gone according to plan is our internet connection. Do you know how much we as a modern society use the Internet? ALLOT I tell you. So much of the information I need and use at my fingertips is attained by using the Internet. 

If I need directions on how to get somewhere - Internet. If I need to find out about things and places around my local area - Internet. If I'm having a problem with my broadband, my provider tells me to log onto their website - err, flawed thinking there batman!! If I have a problem with my broadband then OBVIOUSLY I wont be able to access your website!! Grrrrr.

Anyhoo - today I have popped into my husbands hotel to hook up to his wifi and do a little catch up post. We have an Open Reach Engineer coming out tomorrow morning so hopefully {fingers crossed} we will be all hooked up tomorrow afternoon.

So a few snaps of our garden...

This is taken from our top patio off the dining room and the kitchen. Both these rooms have glass sliding doors or glass double doors so the sun just streams into this side of the house all day. 

Off to the right we have the shed and the summer house. More detailed pictures to come of the summer house and little pond in front of it, these are just some quick snaps I took this morning to give you a feel for our new place.

This little path leads down to the summer house, pond and bottom entertainment area. The garden is really well structured, all it's going to take from me is maintenance and adding my own pretty spring bulbs and summer annuals - and of course plant up the veggie patch each spring.

Two things that I left behind in my last garden that made me sad where my apple trees and my Hydrangea bushes. But guess what...

A beautiful BIG Hydrangea - one of 3 in the garden and...

an apple tree! :)

Two such simple things that make me happy. Another thing is that from the top floor of the house we have the most incredible views across the village and onto the rolling farmland beyond. In fact I can see the fields from the back garden two. This morning I noted that there was a flock of sheep and a few cows in the fields. The trees that surround our house are deciduous so firstly, that makes me happy because it means that autumn is going to bring a riot of colour right on my doorstep and secondly I will have uninterrupted views over the countryside during the winter months.

Moving onto our first visit to town - which is adorable, picturesque and very English BTW. Pictures to follow, but there is an amazing river that winds it way through the town...

As you walk around you find yourself crossing it and re-crossing it on lovely stone bridges.

I'm really looking forward to exploring everything over time and showing you all this beautiful little part of Devon.

On the schooling front...

We are back to lessons next week Tuesday so this week I have been doing a bit of prep. This particular planning session was a bit of seasonal planning for September. I'll post my plans over the weekend for you to have a look at if you're interested. I still have a few areas to cover and one or two more things to get the school room set up - which again, I will share with you in September sometime.

I will love and leave you for today, we are just going to grab a quick light lunch and then we are off to see the Enid Blyton 'Magic, Mystery and Midnight Feasts' exhibition at the Plymouth City museum :)

See you back here very soon...

Monday, August 10, 2015

Before The Move

It's not long now! We have exactly one week before we watch our belongings get loaded up and head on down to Devon. It's all getting quite exciting in a bitter/sweet kind of way. 

I've had a lovely friend from South Africa staying with us since Wednesday last week - she left this morning- what fun we had. We did lots of touristy things of course, visiting some lovely National Trust properties...

taking walks and watching the girls ring at a young ringers even they had on Sunday. I haven't seen them ring in over a year and I have to say I was very impressed with how well they are doing. Watching them has really reinforced the need to get them into ringing in Devon - I don't want them to give up such an awesome interest! If you want to see what ringing is all about here's a video I took of them on Sunday...

Here are a few shots of the bells and the amazing view from the top of the tower...

Around here we are seeing hints of Autumn ALREADY! Eeep - how can that be?? I will be interested to see if the same hints of the approaching season are evident in Devon. 

I have to dash - the girls are ringing tonight and I have to get them fed before they go :) but before I go I thought I would show you what my eldest daughter did for me...

she made my crochet hooks all pretty :)

Blessings to you all...

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Well Hello!

After a week of running back and forth from home to hospital we are now all at home together again and it feels good. DH came home on Saturday afternoon and is recovering nicely. Every day brings us another 'normality'. Last night it was DH being able to move onto his side instead of lying on his back only and today we managed to get out for a cup of tea and slice of cake at our local garden centre.

One thing about spending long hours visiting at the hospital was that I was able to get allot of knitting done. I finished my Remembering Sunny Days Socks using the Hermione's Everyday Sock pattern. I absolutely love this colourway, sadly when I went to see if I could buy another ball of this yarn from Wool Warehouse not only was it all sold out but I see that Cascade has also discontinued it :( A couple more pairs are called for as my current ones have given such good service over the past 5 years and are looking rather stretched. Of course there is no way I'm throwing them out - they will have to fall to bits before that happens! but a bit of sock restocking has to happen :) I'm still in the process of deciding which pattern to tackle next.

July brought about a Blue Moon - did you catch it? If you don't know what a Blue Moon is it is when a full moon occurs twice in one month. I'm sure you can guess that this does not happen often - once every 3 years if I'm not mistaken.

Shop News:

My daughter has been very busy making more Polymer Clay paperclips for our Etsy Shop. I just love the detail in her work. I've fallen in love with every single set and of course want to keep them all ;) but - no - into the shop they must go.

Over the past rather hectic week I have really enjoyed the short intervals of time that I have had to sit in my conservatory. My feeder has been frequented by many feathered ....

Ahem! - and some furry friends.

My absolute favourite feathered character has been this little fellow...

he is the tattiest little blackbird I have ever seen but he merrily hops about gathering worms. He's ever so busy and very focused on his task. I just adore him!

I've also really felt allot of peace as I gaze across the fields from my conservatory. The view is just amazing - I am going to miss it. I love seeing our little churches steeple peeking through the tops of the trees in the distance.

*sigh* Life is lovely :).

Anyhoo - time to wrap up this little catch up post. Hope you are all having a lovely week. Will pop back very soon.