Friday, October 09, 2015

Some Random Snippets From My Week

I have THREE frogs living in the pond in my garden. Each time I go to the summer house I tiptoe around hoping to catch a glance of these little creatures. They are very shy and if they hear my feet on the gravel path they dive quickly to the bottom of the pond. I haven't seen any of them over the past few days, I wonder if they have gone into hibernation. Perhaps it's still too early, I'll keep my eyes open. I am looking forward to seeing what happens in my pond come springtime :)

This week I went down into the village and was  stopped in my tracks by the colour of this tree. I must have looked very strange whipping my camera out of my handbag to photograph a tree and leaves in the parking lot - but I'm afraid that's just what a lover of the seasons and nature does :)

I love the simple beauty of this season. Leaves in the parking lot - has any parking lot ever looked so lovely as when a deciduous tree sheds it's leaves and carpets it's grey ugliness.

And a feline moment from this week...

...mother and daughter soaking up warm puddles of sunshine.

Have a lovely weekend, enjoy every autumny moment :)

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Knitting News

Joining Ginny this week for Yarn Along

I seem to have my knitting mojo back. It could be the change in the weather or it could be that I am so inspired by the colours on Dartmoor. Something that you might not know about me is that I studied fashion design many moons ago. So I am often inspired by my natural surrounds in with regards to my creative side. Up on Dartmoor I see jersey's, cowls, scarfs mittens etc knit up in all the colours and with patters inspired by the countryside.

Right now I'm working on the Shetland Wool Weeks free pattern from Donna Smith called Baa-ble. It is adorable and has been inspired by the colours and scenery of Shetland.

I've chosen to knit my Baa-ble up using Drops Air. I took my photo's in rather strong sunlight so it's hard to pick up the true colour from this pictures but if you visit my ravelry project page for this hat you can get an idea of my colours. If you are wanting to knit up this cute hat do check out my notes as I found that I've had to switch to slightly smaller needles so as to have a hat that I would not drown in.

Reading: I've just been to the library and stocked up on gardening and foodie books and one biographical book written by a Devonshire born and bred gent. This book is all about growing up in the countryside and his love of the natural world around him. I'm feeling very drawn to hearth and home at the moment (well, more than usual. If you have been reading my blog for some time you will know that my heart is at home with my family and in creating a warm, loving and inviting home), so all these books really appeal to that pull inside of me.

Now I'm off to catch up on some other Yarn Along posts and knit a few more rows of my Baa-ble :)

Monday, October 05, 2015

Season of Mists...

Not many words this morning but lots of lovely autumn pictures from my home in Devon today. It's misty and damp but still so lovely. 

Washing dishes after breakfast I enjoyed watching the mist move in and tiny water droplets hit the window

The 'trampoline deck' littered with autumn leaves blown off the trees in last nights storms.

autumn leaves - lovely!

My fireplace mantle this morning.

View from the school room. Not long after taking this picture the mist pressed in closer and we couldn't see the school field at all.
T'is the season of mists and autumn mellowness :)
Hope your week is off to a great start.

Friday, October 02, 2015

Breakfast on Dartmoor

Two posts in one day! Amazing I know, but I just had to share our breakfast on Dartmoor.
Up on Dartmoor the scenery stretches as far as the eye can see

Yesterday afternoon one of my daughters and I decided to see if we could find the Dartmoor walk which is right across the road from our home. It's quite a steep walk along a rather stony country lane past farmers fields, but once we got to the top of the track it opened up onto the Moor - AMAZING!
Views of our small town half way up to the Moors
So beautiful!
 Really - it just took our breath away. It's stark beauty and quietness was just wonderful. We decided that we simply had to have breakfast on Dartmoor, we want to see this magnificent bit of the world in all seasons, in all weather and at different times of the day. So breakfast to start off our relationship with this place seemed fitting.
The colours up here have really inspired me in my knitting! My mind is full of inspiration and ideas after being up here.

Apart from it's rugged beauty, what I love about this place is how you can see for mile, we can catch the glistening of the ocean on the horizon.

I don't really do 'selfies' but we thought we simply had to this morning :)

Heading back down after our breakfast.
I loved how all you can hear is the wind in your ears, the bleating of sheep in the distance, the birds chattering in the bracken and nothing else. It's so peaceful up there.

I love how the sheep look at you curiously as you pass by, farmers are able to let their livestock roam the moor.

As we were heading back down off the moor we spotted this beautiful bird of prey swooping, hovering then swooping again. Magnificent! I so badly wanted to be able to photograph him properly but this was the best I could do without a tripod. He was might quick on the wing!

What a wonderful start to our day, we all feel alive and happy. Amazing what a bit of exercise and drinking in of our natural surrounds can do for your outlook. Today we are going to pop down to our information centre and see if we can buy an ordnance survey map so we can explore the moors allot more.

Have a wonderful weekend all - I think that we are in for another lovely sunny one here in England :)

Out and About in Devon

This past weekend we spent two wonderful days exploring our new county. I thought that I would share a few pictures from our explorations, I'll start with Sunday's trip to Salcombe. What a cute little harbor town. 

Lots of quaint streets and lovely shops and a lovely harbor.

We enjoyed a lunch of fish and chips - you simply have to have fish and chips when you are in a town so closely linked to the sea :)

Lunch was followed up with ice-creams of course.

I loved this stack of lobster pots on the harbor wall.

As you can see we had glorious weather too! Just a perfect day in every way.