Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Under An English Sky is on Facebook.

It is no secret to my friends and family that I am not a huge Facebook fan. I'm not sure what it is, perhaps all the bad press, or the lure to spend hours and hours getting lost in it's many pages, or even the fact that on your personal FB page you get requests from  'friends' who you have not seen nor heard from in donkey's years.

But I have to concede that it sure is a great way to keep in touch, updated with {real} friends and family who love very far away. So I once again signed up to keep in touch. 

Now there are often times when perhaps I have a thought, idea, or even a little snippet that would be great to share right here on Under An English Sky - but it is too small to really warrant a whole entire post all to it's self or perhaps time is not on my side to sit down and compose a full length post - soooooo, I thought that a Facebook page for Under An English Sky might be quite a good idea.

I will post notes, snippets, links and other little odds and sods on Under An English Sky's FB page. If you are keen to keep updated you can pop over and like the page.

Just a word of warning - I am NO FB expert, in fact I feel rather clumsy and silly on it at the mo - but I am sure that will change in time :)

Under An English Sky

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Hope to see you here - and there - soon :o)

OHC - Wildflower:: The Cowslip

One of the Outdoor Hour Challenges this month is the Dandelion. Now we have covered this topic before, so I thought that we would still keep within the wild flower group and choose a different flower. I chose the Cowslip as the countryside is awash with their yellow loveliness at the moment...

The weather was rather pleasant on the day that we set off on our nature walk, it was fairly warm and we had lots of sunny spells. The countryside is looking lovely, in particular all the Blackthorn in bloom...

Aren't these little flowers just delightful? I love their bright yellow faces with little bits of orange in the centre.

Cowslips are from the Primrose family. You can tell this quite easily by the leaves, and of course the flowers are miniature versions of their larger cousins.

We found the Cowslip in various stages of bloom so we could see what they looked like before the yellow flowers slip out of their little green purses...

How they first peek out before popping out completely to delight us with their yellow beauty.

As we walked home we noticed that some kind soul had left some dog hair in a thicket for all the birds spring nests...

...and of course we stopped for a bit to appreciate the beauty of the English countryside.

I love the farm yard in the distance and the silvery sheen on the one field.

Next OHC - the Apple Tree - we have seen lots of changes in the trees in our own backyard - but that is another post :)

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Holy Thursday...

Happy Holy Thursday to you all! 

I'm sure you all have lots of plans for the next few days. For us we have a Maundy Thursday service at church tonight, tomorrow a 9am service for Good Friday.

 Sunday will be a joyous day of worshipping with our brothers and sisters in Christ at the Easter morning service and then it's good food and Easter egg hunts. 

We also are going to watch our dd dance in her dancing schools show which has been going on every night this week - so we are looking forward to that. Lots of lovely busyness!

So for now I am going to love and leave you, and wish you a very blessed Easter-tide :)